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Parents of my 3GG Hester COX -- Diocletion/Dioclesian Cox?

Hester, born 12 Jun 1827 in Indianapolis, Marion County, IN to parents unknown. (This was from her obit.)

In 1846, Hester was living in Johnson County, IA and married Abraham W. JONES there on 15 Mar 1846.

A possible Cox person who could be my Hester's father was a Diocletion/Dioclesian Cox who was in Johnson County, IA at this time. His facts, as I know them are:

Born 1801 - 1810
22 Dec 1831 Owens County, IN marriage to Mariah Williamson

1840 - Park County, IN census
1 m 30 - 39
1 f 15 20
1 f 20 - 30

1 May 1844 - Iowa City, Johnson county, IA ---- owned lots, in State census, 4 inhabitants

28 Oct 1846 at house of Mrs. Cox, married Peter Roberts, and Mrs. Mariah Cox, 34. (On 15 Mar 1846 when Hester was married, she was married in the home of her future father-in-law which would seem reasonable if her father had already died. Diocletion was deceased by the time Mariah Cox married Peter Roberts on 28 Oct 1846.)

1847, June 14 returned ....Liberty Twp .Johnson County, IA
Cox, Dioclesian heirs of P. Roberts, adm

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Parents of Jacob HINKLE, my 4GG

I am searching for info on my 4GG, Jacob Hinkle. He was born in PA on 22 Jan 1802 (according to his gravestone) to unknown parents. He married Elizabeth SPIDLE in Carlisle, Cumberland County, PA on 16 Mar 1824. They had the following children:

1) Mary Ann Hinkle b 14 Feb 1826 m John S. BROWNEWELL
2) Margaretta Hinkle b 5 Jan 1829 m Solomon LYTER
3) Lydia Ann Hinkle b 5 Mar 1831 m James M. BOWERS
4) John Hinkle b 1834 m Mary before 1861
5) George Hinkle b abt 1836
6) Sarah Ann Hinkle b 24 Mar 1837 m Unknown CROMLICH
7) Ann E. Hinkle b abt 1842
8) Jacob Hinkle b abt 1845
9) Barbara Jane Hinkle b abt 1849 m Unknown CARVER

Jacob Hinkle died in Cumberland County on 17 Jul 1878 and is buried in Trindle Springs Cemetery.

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