Our Family Tree

by Kathy Andrade Cardoza

Wedding Photo of My Parents

Norman Andrade and Violet Flower, 1948


This site is all about my ancestry and also that of my husband, Wayne Cardoza and it gives information on various members of our family trees. The data is based on my own research as well as some work done by other researchers and generously shared with me. My source citations for this information are posted here as well. Every effort has been made to present accurate and sourced information. If you find any errors or just want to comment on an entry, please contact me at my email address given below.

My ancestry is mostly Portuguese. Fifty percent of that is from the Azore Islands which are in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Twenty-five percent is from Portugal itself. The remaining twenty-five percent is a mixture of various nationalities, as many of us are. Those would be German, Irish, English, French, and Dutch. My husband's ancestry is 100% from the Azores.

In order to protect their privacy, every effort has been made to exclude from this site all living family members. So, if you don't see someone where you think they should be, it is most likely because I either know they are still living or don't know for sure that they are not.

Our Ancestors

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